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Household Dry Cleaning—Important As Ever

If your initial thought is, “Wait, I thought dry cleaning was for clothes. You can dry clean my household?” The short answer is, yes, we absolutely can dry clean your household. And you’re not alone; we’re met with surprising intrigue often when discussing the topic. Whether it be linens, comforters, curtains, tablecloths, patio furniture—the list is endless really. If you can bring the fabric in, your local GreenEarth cleaner can professionally clean and sanitize it for you. The all-encompassing term known in the dry cleaning world is “household items.” In fact, some GreenEarth cleaners even practice on-site interior cleaning with larger furniture that is not necessarily mobile.

Many of you veteran dry cleaning customers are well aware of the services your favorite GreenEarth cleaner provides. Hopefully, you’re also aware your GreenEarth cleaner is using a gentle, environmentally non-toxic, odorless cleaning system that will not only leave your fabrics clean but also fresh and rejuvenated without the concern of toxic chemicals entering your home. But did you know almost all GreenEarth cleaners are practicing social-distancing efforts to provide an extra measure of cleanliness and most importantly, comfort, which is paramount during these uncomfortable times, especially when it comes to your family? In many situations, complimentary contactless pick-up and delivery is available. Other cleaners have a drive-thru, drop-box, or locker systems that allow you to remain at a safe distance. Where these options are not available, you can typically park and call for curbside service.

Cleaning household items on a regular schedule is important to prevent odors and bugs like clothes moths from entering your home. Equally as important, it also improves the air quality of the space you and your family spend the most time. And let’s be honest, fresh linens and curtains create an unmatched sense of tranquility. Regardless of “current times,” sending your household items, especially those in high traffic areas, to be professionally cleaned frequently can protect the health of you and your family. Now with concerns around germs at an all-time high, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is more important than ever.

In between cleanings at your local GreenEarth cleaner, there are some things you can do yourself at home, like fluffing your pillows daily, vacuuming your interior textiles with the handheld nozzle attachment to remove dust, and most importantly, regularly inspecting your household items for clothes moths, mildew, sun fading, etc.